Eye Contact With Your Date

Making eye contact with your date is so important. You will find that this is something that can let them know that you are interested in what they are saying as well as with them. This is something that you can over do or not do enough. Either way it can end up making your date feel uncomfortable. Make sure you know how much eye contact you should give.

Too Much

Don’t try to have a staring contest with your date. This will only make them uncomfortable and end up causing them to think that you are crazy. Try to hold their gaze long enough to let them know that you are interested and then look elsewhere. Too much eye contact can end up making your date want to leave.

Not Enough

If you are unable to hold their gaze for any length of time, then this is more than likely going to come across as you are not interested or are hiding something. By looking everywhere but at your date you are giving them the impression that you are looking at all of the other places that you would rather be.

Right Amount

The right amount of eye contact is something that you will end up needing to feel out on your own. You do not want to concentrate too long on a specific time as this is something that will end up causing you to not listen or pay attention to your date. Usually around 5 seconds is a good amount of time.

Signs That Your Date Is Desperate

There are a few things signs that you can watch out for to see if your date is desperate. Going out on a date with somebody that is desperate is something that can end up being uncomfortable and end up feeling forced for both of you. A desperate date is something that is usually difficult to get through if you don’t know what to do.

Makeing Too Much Of It

If your date is making too much out of the smallest things that go on in the date, then they may be a little desperate. If you both happen to order the same meal and they think that it means something cosmic, then this may mean that they are a tad bit desperate.

Try Too Hard

If they are going too far out of their way to make sure that the night goes perfectly or that the restaurant is just right, then this is a sign of desperation. It is common to want things to go well and smoothly on a date but if they aren’t having any fun because of it, then it usually is because they are desperate.

Over The Top

Your date may end up laughing a little too hard at your jokes or holding eye contact a little bit too long if they are desperate. They will often force intimacy that is not there a lot of the time as well, sometimes they may not be desperate, maybe they are open minded or even a swinger, you will have to decide based on how they act. This means they will go way out of their way to try to playfully touch you to the point where it is not so playful.

Why Women Like Men Who Are Taller Than Them

Many people wonder why women tend to like men who are taller than them. This is something that is common for many different reasons. It is very rare that you will see a woman that is with a man that is shorter than she is. There are a few reasons that go behind this theory.


Usually a woman wants to feel safe around a man and wants to feel protected. Even the least feminine women in the world like the feeling of having a guy that is taller than her nearby because she feels protected and safe around him. Whenever a guy is shorter than the girl she will often feel more vulnerable and not as safe.


Some women are just attracted to tall men. They find a man that is tall to be sexy just like some women prefer guys that are muscular or tanned. This is something that is pretty common with women. Women cannot help what attracts them to a man and a lot of the time a tall man will attract them.


You will find that when you think of a grown man you think of a man that is tall and has broad shoulders. If you see a guy that is shorter, then it is hard to see him as a grown man. Even if he is well into his 20s or 30s he may be difficult to see as somebody that is an adult if he is shorter than the average height for a man.

How To Improve Your Dating Success

There are a handful of things that you can do to try to improve your dating success. Many people have for years tried several different things and spent many hours thinking of what they could do differently. This is their first mistake. In order to improve your dating success you have got to stop trying so hard.


When you try too hard to make a date successful you are going to come across as desperate. This is something that a lot of people end up doing because they are desperate, desperate to make the date work. If you simply relax a little and let things happen you will have a much better time.

Body Language

It is all about your body language. Whether you are a man or a woman it does not matter. It all comes down to how well you can read body language and how well you can give it back. If you are interested in a person then try not to close yourself off by crossing your arms or not making eye contact. Lean in when they talk and try to playfully touch them.

Self Esteem

Your self esteem is something that can really end up taking a beating whenever you are dating. A good way to improve your self esteem is to get some experience in the sack, then when you do go on a date you will know that you have the skills to back you up, swinging is a great way to do this, you get to meet open minded people and provided that you are careful you won’t catch the clap. If a person does not like you or stands you up you may feel like you are worthless. Not everybody is going to like everybody. Pick yourself up and dust yourself off and remember that it is them that will be missing out, not you.

How To Recognize Chemistry

It is important that you are able to recognize chemistry whenever you are out on a date. Many people do not know chemistry when it happens to them so they end up clueless on the subject when it comes down to how the date feels at the end of the night. Make sure that you understand how to recognize chemistry.


You are going to get the feeling of butterflies in your stomach whenever you are around that other person. You may even feel a lightness almost like you are floating whenever you are around them. This is the type of chemistry that is difficult to tell if they feel or not. However, your body seems to feel that it is there.


If you have chemistry with another person you are going to have some of the best conversations of your life. You both will be able to talk about anything for hours on end and keep each other laughing and interested. This is one of the biggest signs of chemistry. If you find that you are constantly enthralled by the other, then you both definitely have some serious chemistry.

Track Of Time

It is going to be so easy to completely lose track of time whenever you have good chemistry with a person. You will look at your watch and suddenly realize that you have been talking for three hours when it only seems like minutes have passed. Good chemistry with somebody makes it easy to forget the world around you.

How To Get Your Ex Back

If you are looking to get your ex back then there are a few different things that you will be able to do. You will find that getting back with your ex is something that a lot of people find themselves wanting to do for a few different reasons. If you feel that you and your ex deserve another shot, then here are a few ways to see if it can happen.

Give It Time

Give you and your ex both time to heal before you try to go at it again. Chances are, when the wounds are still fresh and you are still upset you won’t be thinking clearly. Try to give both you and your ex time to date a couple of people before you decide whether or not you want to get back together.

Take It Slow

If you are not in contact with your ex then you will need to take things slow when it comes to contacting them and trying to get back together with them. Start out by sending them a friendly text or calling them to see how they are doing. See if they are currently dating anybody and then ask them out for coffee or lunch. Don’t make it a date right off the bat, see how you both go together first.

Be Prepared

You will need to be prepared for rejection when it comes to trying to get your ex back. A lot of it will depend on why you broke up in the first place. If you wronged them in anyway, then you will need to be prepared for the fact that they will not want you back.

How To Show Your Crush On Someone

If you happen to have a crush on somebody, then it can be pretty nerve wracking when it comes to telling them. You want to make sure that you don’t blow your chance with them but of course you don’t want to get rejected. There are a few different things that you can do to make sure that your crush is aware that you like them.


Some good flirting is a great way for you to let the person know that you have a thing for them. Good eye contact as well as playful touching is just a few things that you can do to flirt with your crush. You can also try a few flirtatious jokes and complimenting how they look or smell.


Test out the waters with them to see how they feel before you tell them. This is something that you can do if you are unsure about what they will say and are scared of rejection. See if they flirt back with you and also pay attention to their body language.

Tell Them

When it comes down to it you just need to tell them. You can come right out and tell them that you like them or you can ask them out on a date. Give them your phone number if they do not already have it. The sooner that you tell them the better you will feel. Even if you get rejected at least you will know. It is best not to waste your time on a person who is not interested.

First Date Jitters

The first date jitters is something that everybody suffers from. You will find that there are a few different things that you will be able to do to try to get around them. Being able to get through a first date jitter free is not typically something that a lot of people can do easily. However, there are a few tricks that can help.


The best thing that you can do is to stop and tell yourself that this is just a person that you are going out with. They are not above you or better than you in any way. Just because they may be gorgeous or smart or funny does not mean that they’re not a person just like you. Chances are they are probably just as nervous as you are anyway.


The best thing for you to do the day of your date is to make sure that you do not sit around all day and think about it. This is something that is only going to psyche you out and cause you to be a nervous wreck the time of your date. Keep yourself busy and try to make sure that you are thinking of other things besides your date.


If you are not going to be driving to your date, then it is a good idea to maybe have a cocktail beforehand. Don’t get drunk or sloppy, just have enough to drink to take the edge off a little bit. If you are driving, then order one when you get to your date.

Using Chat Up Lines

Whenever you are using chat up lines, there are a few things that you will need to keep in mind. You will find that these lines can be a fun and sexy way for you to meet singles that are in your area. You will need to make sure that you know what to say so that you can be sure that somebody will want to talk with you.


It is important that in your message that you sound sexy and that you don’t give too much away. People will be more likely to want to talk to the girl or the guy that leaves a little bit of mystery to their message. Also try to keep your voice sexy without trying too hard or it may come off as desperate.


Whenever you are choosing other people to chat with you need to make sure that you don’t choose just anybody but also that you are able to not be too picky. If their voice sounds sexy then you may want to immediately choose them but only do so if you like what they have to say as well.


Whenever you are talking to these people make sure that you are careful with everything that you say. You don’t want to tell them where you live right off the bat as this could end up being a mistake. Give out small bits of information bit by bit so that you do not end up getting into trouble.

What Is Seduction?

Seduction is something that some are not so good at while others are incredibly good at it. Seduction is all about attitude and how well you are around other people. In order to be good at seduction you will need to be a person that is charismatic and able to be comfortable in their own skin. Many people see seduction as a form of power that they can have over another person.


Many people will use seduction for sexual reasons. You will seduce a person into having sex with you. Seducing somebody sexually will usually involve you acting very sexy and provocative around them. Women will wear revealing clothing that shows off their legs or cleavage while men will become very touchy feely with a woman.


Some people will use seduction to get power over a person. They will seduce them as a way to distract them from what they are doing or to get what they want. This is something that is done very often with people that are trying to get to a position of power.

What It Is

Basically, seduction is when a person will use the power of their sex appeal to get what they want. Usually, seduction is used just to have sex or at least to be viewed as sexy by other people. You will find that seduction will often include alcohol as it will help people to loosen up some. Whether you are being seduced or are doing the seducing alcohol can usually help you both out.