It is important that you are able to recognize chemistry whenever you are out on a date. Many people do not know chemistry when it happens to them so they end up clueless on the subject when it comes down to how the date feels at the end of the night. Make sure that you understand how to recognize chemistry.


You are going to get the feeling of butterflies in your stomach whenever you are around that other person. You may even feel a lightness almost like you are floating whenever you are around them. This is the type of chemistry that is difficult to tell if they feel or not. However, your body seems to feel that it is there.


If you have chemistry with another person you are going to have some of the best conversations of your life. You both will be able to talk about anything for hours on end and keep each other laughing and interested. This is one of the biggest signs of chemistry. If you find that you are constantly enthralled by the other, then you both definitely have some serious chemistry.

Track Of Time

It is going to be so easy to completely lose track of time whenever you have good chemistry with a person. You will look at your watch and suddenly realize that you have been talking for three hours when it only seems like minutes have passed. Good chemistry with somebody makes it easy to forget the world around you.