There are a few things signs that you can watch out for to see if your date is desperate. Going out on a date with somebody that is desperate is something that can end up being uncomfortable and end up feeling forced for both of you. A desperate date is something that is usually difficult to get through if you don’t know what to do.

Makeing Too Much Of It

If your date is making too much out of the smallest things that go on in the date, then they may be a little desperate. If you both happen to order the same meal and they think that it means something cosmic, then this may mean that they are a tad bit desperate.

Try Too Hard

If they are going too far out of their way to make sure that the night goes perfectly or that the restaurant is just right, then this is a sign of desperation. It is common to want things to go well and smoothly on a date but if they aren’t having any fun because of it, then it usually is because they are desperate.

Over The Top

Your date may end up laughing a little too hard at your jokes or holding eye contact a little bit too long if they are desperate. They will often force intimacy that is not there a lot of the time as well, sometimes they may not be desperate, maybe they are open minded or even a swinger, you will have to decide based on how they act. This means they will go way out of their way to try to playfully touch you to the point where it is not so playful.