Many people wonder why women tend to like men who are taller than them. This is something that is common for many different reasons. It is very rare that you will see a woman that is with a man that is shorter than she is. There are a few reasons that go behind this theory.


Usually a woman wants to feel safe around a man and wants to feel protected. Even the least feminine women in the world like the feeling of having a guy that is taller than her nearby because she feels protected and safe around him. Whenever a guy is shorter than the girl she will often feel more vulnerable and not as safe.


Some women are just attracted to tall men. They find a man that is tall to be sexy just like some women prefer guys that are muscular or tanned. This is something that is pretty common with women. Women cannot help what attracts them to a man and a lot of the time a tall man will attract them.


You will find that when you think of a grown man you think of a man that is tall and has broad shoulders. If you see a guy that is shorter, then it is hard to see him as a grown man. Even if he is well into his 20s or 30s he may be difficult to see as somebody that is an adult if he is shorter than the average height for a man.